An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The successive Palestinian human development reports (since 1996) had focused on the monitoring and analyzing the conditions of adopting and implementing human sustainable development in the Palestinian context; the presence of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) that is considered an emerging state with the presence of a continued military occupation that “shares” authority on areas B and C as well as interrupts its development efforts in area A. Through reviewing relevant literature and conceptual analysis of human development and welfare mix and their interrelations, this research sheds light on social policy making process in the Palestinian context that are capable of achieving a sustainable development in such abnormal situation based on the characteristics of the human development and the welfare mix approach. The research also analyzes success potentials for adopting and implementing such policies, as well as analyzing the role of the welfare mix sectors (Public, private, NGOs and kinship sectors) in contributing to the aspired human sustainable development in the Palestinian context. It concludes with recommendations to the PNA as a leading partner of this development.