An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify the effectiveness study of the course strategies of teaching physical education from the point of view of the students, as well as witherif there wasany differences exist according to study variables (gendersand studying years). Survey (descriptive approach) was used in this study,the sample of the study consisted of (152)male and female students registered in the course. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the study of the course of teaching strategies of physical education, the research prepared a questionerwas used after it was subjected to the scientific standard consisting of (32) paragraphs divided into four areas (Learning process, learner roles, course planning, assessment, teaching content). After the data collection, the statistical program (spps) was used to analyze the results of the study. Results showed that the effectivenessof study course of the strategies of teaching physical education came to a medium degree. furthermore, there were no significant differences among the study variables in evaluating the course.The researchers recommendedthe need evaluate the course of the strategies inteaching physical education at the Faculty of Physical Education at Yarmouk Universityperiodically.