An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at investigating The Impact of an EducationalProgram Based on Constructivism Theory on AcquiringConcepts in Islamic Education Course for Basic 10th Grade Female Students in Palestine.To achieve goals of this study, a test has been developed to observe the Development of Acquiring Concepts in Islamic. The researcher adopted a quasi-experimental approach in which the experimental group consisting of (30) studentswas taught in accordance with Educational Program Based on Constructivism Theory. At the same time, the controlled group consisting of (30 students) was taught in the traditional way. The tests and the motive measuring was applied prior and post-teaching on both groups. The Analysis of Covariance results(Test-t) indicated a significant difference at (α≤0.05) between the two groups, which is attributed to the educational program Based on Constructivism Theory, in developing the Acquiring Concepts in Islamic, of Learning Islamic Education Course for the experimental group. The results also indicated variation in the performance of (the experimental group) students in the posttest of the Educational Program Based on Constructivism Theory (in developing the Acquiring Concepts in Islamic. The study recommendedintroducing the Constructivism Theory in the teaching of Islamic Education Course, and conducting other similar studies in different educational stages