An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The aim of this study was to identify the kinematic parameters in track start swimming, and the relationships between these kinematic parameters among Jordanian Female Team. To achieve these six elite female’s swimmers from the Jordanian Female Team participated in this study performed the track start (age 19 ± 0.6 years; height 166 ± 2 cm; mass 61± 2kg; training age 6.5±0.58 y). Subjects were filmed above water at 60 Hz by one digital video camera (Nikon, D3400) and (sports Cam, 1080p, H.264) for under water. The video data were analysis performed with Kinovea analysis program. This study involved (8) kinematic parameters: the achievement time (s), time to 15 m (s), flight time (s), take-off angle (°), entry angle (°); Entry CoM velocity (m/s), take of CoM velocity (m/s). According to the results obtained in this research, we can conclude that there is (5) variables were less than the results achieved in the previous studies, which constituted (62.5) % of the variables of this study. In order to the results also showed a statistically significant correlation between the achievement time and the take-off angle, entry angle, Entry CoM velocity, take of CoM velocity (m/s), and the maximum depth of the body under water. The researchers recommend creating a kinematic file for each swimming.