An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study deals with the novel (Frankenstein in Baghdad) (2013), by the Iraqi novelist Ahmad al-Saadawi, by revealing the postmodern features on which the novel was predicated on its different narrative techniques (Palimpsests, mixing truth and illusion, Fragmentation, narrative fragmentation, marginalization, Fantastic and parody) Saadawi's novel stress the transformations that hit Iraq after the US occupation in 2003, and to reflect the reality and authenticity that the author wanted to disclose. It can be verbalized as: the novelist Ahmed Saadawi was very prosperous in the utilization of postmodernist theses in his narrative and emphasize the importance of literary work to elude the manifestations of violence, killing and destruction. From this perspective, the novel appears to be a practical embodiment of the saying "literature of vision", that is, a new revelation of facts, especially in uncovering the hidden relations of the realities of living.