An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Innovation is one of the foundations of the creationof a national competitiveness for countries, and this competitiveness is based on what is produced by innovative activities. Therefore, patents remainamong the fewtools or indicators used to evaluate the process of innovation andtoprovide quantitative, qualitative and geographical analysis of innovation process in any area. Thisstudy, however,aimedtoevaluate theinnovative capabilitybased on the patent database in Jordan.The descriptive statistics is used in this study to perform the analysis and discussion,including defining the size of local participation in the field of patents, the entities involved in the process of innovation in Jordan and its geographical distribution, as well as the technological sectors in which research and development(R&D) occur.In addition, it aims toassess the national innovation system responsible for the level of national innovation capacity.The results indicated theweakness ofJordan's ability to produce innovative activities, in terms participationsize,actors practice the process of innovation,and the level of specialization in the production of patents in the technological sectors.This weakness is due to deficiencies in the national innovation system,As the system still suffers from weakness and lack of coordination between its components.The study recommends improving the innovation system and upgrading innovative capacity through the development of a national innovation policy, adopting legislative reforms aimingat improving Jordan's innovation system, such as restructuring the education system, encouraging R & D activitiesand the provision of tax exemptions and investments supporting the private sector.