An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify the role of ecotourism in the development of local communities near Dana and Ajloun reservesin Jordan. The methodology is based on a field study that targeted the views of the population in the local communities, in addition tointerviews with the authorities in thosereserves. Thesamplesincluded 152 respondents from the communities of Ajloun, Arjan, Mahana, Rasun, Um Al-Yanbee, Tayaraand Ba'oun, as well as 112 respondents from the villages of Qadisiya and Basira from Tafila Governorate. The study focused on severalaspectsthat reflect the relation of protected areas to local communities, and identify the importance of protected areas in the development of local communities in terms of ecotourism business activities. On the other hand, the study showed some obstacles that might reduce the contribution of eco-tourism to the development of local communities. The study recommended supportingthe local people to establish their own ecotourism projects in order to achievetheir economic benefit, provide the necessary services for tourists, and overcome the obstacles facing environmental tourism in naturalreserves.