An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimedat exploring the impact of an instructional program based on social interactive theory on speaking skills among ninthgrade female students in Jordan. The participants of the study consistedof (67) female students from jirina high school for Girls under the Directorate of Madaba District.This school was purposely selected, where sections of grade nine were distributed randomly into two groups: an experimental group(33)and a control group(34).To achieve the goals of the study, the researchersdeveloped an instructional program based on the social interactive theory andspeaking test. The speaking test was applied regarding the two groups, before and after the implementation of instruction. The experimental group underwent six weeks of instructionusing the developed instructional program, while the control group was exposed to the currently running instructional program for these six weeks.Results showed statistically significant differences at (α= 0.50) among the two groups that can be attributed to the impact of the instructional program at allspeaking skillsin favor of the experimental group.