An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The purpose of the current study is to identify to what extent the Palestinian Football Association applies the professionalism standards of the Asian Football Confederation. The researchers use a descriptive approach. They designed a questionnaire consisting of 48 items distributed into five areas: organization, attendance, promotion and marketing, media, and stadiums. The study population consists of 102 participants. A stratified sample consisting of 75 participants includes 19 experts, 47 coaches, and nine international referees. The results, drawn from the perspectives of the experts, coaches, and international referees, show that the use of professionalism standards in the Palestinian Football Association is moderate with an arithmetic of 2.82, and the level of standardsranges between low to moderate. Stadiums came in first place with a mean of 3.15. Furthermore, the researchers found that there are no significant statistical differences between the variables of age, educational level, years of experience, and function.