An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify the influence of the drug law amendments on the crime rates in Jordan. The study used the descriptive approach to achieving its aims and utilized a questionnaire as a data collection tool. The study included academic staff from six Law colleges at Jordanian universities. The questionnaires were sent to (82) faculty members but (70) of them were returned. Results revealed that (83%) of the respondents reported that the legal amendments were the direct cause for increase the commitment of drug crimes in Jordan in recent years. The significant amendments of the Jordanian law (2014) of drug and controlled substance were related to the first time users, which referred to that, using drugs for the first time was not considered a judicial precedent in criminal cases, just referring the users to the appropriate treatment. The study recommended that the Jordanian legislations should be firm and deterrent in order to reduce the continuous increase in the drug crimes in Jordan