An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research deals with the textual thresholds in farewell speech (khutba) that delivered by prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his last pilgrimage in order to reach to its effect on khutba's construction, and elocution later. So, it tries to reveal the conditions that should be found in some thresholds in order to be effective and convincing. In addition, to show the importance of these thresholds in revealing the contents of the text. This study applies the thresholds that developed by (Gerar Genette) on this khutba. And it depends on many aspects such as the personality of the auther, the relationship between the title and the text, the initial and the final clause. Also, the narrator and the receiver. This khutba doesn't contain the rest of the thresholds because it appeared with the digital printing. Finally, it illustrates the narrative techniques and its importance in Khutba