An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to analyze the Peripheral reality of the areas of Rum and Daisa, and then study a "new" economic pattern based on the centrality of the local community and its traditional culture through the practice of a modern sector is tourism. To achieve these objectives, the study used the descriptive analytical and SWOT analysis of Rum and Daisa in terms of Peripheral and touristic areas. Peripheral and tourist, Peripheral reality represents the deterioration of infrastructure and socio-economic conditions on the one hand, the tourist reality represents the establishment of 211 camps belonging to 48 camps, including non-residents of Rum and Daisa and found that huge investments, while the local community has 163 camps investment small size is able to compete with foreign investments. The links between these camps and the visitor center are 1800 four-wheel for transporting tourists and desert tours and all belong to the local community.