An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The Quran attaches great importance to establishing the principles of dialogue in order to build human relations that are appropriate and natural. The Quran is filled with interactive models across diverse areas and confirms the need for dialogue within the domain of the same household. The researcher identified many religious, human and social values by investigating interaction within families which the Quran presents as models for us to extract lessons and teachings These teachings will enable us to navigate through life with guidance and insight while achieving domestic peace and positive coexistence on the one hand and keep us firm on values and morals on the other. Moreover, the researcher attempted to highlight the role of family in representing values and implementing them and thus instilling and developing them among individuals in order to create faithful families and generation both in in terms of conviction and practice. Furthermore, the researcher also attempts to highlight the role of values in strengthening family counselling and educational mediation. The Quran has addressed family dialogue since the dawn of time and so we need to benefit from the lessons offered in the Quran in our contemporary reality as it is not logical to argue that these lessons can only be useful for particular times.