An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The waqf is an institution of ongoing charity in the Sharia. That is to say, a person continues to get rewards even after death for undertaking such a charity. This study examines the qard al-hasan (benevolent loan free of interest) as the purpose of a waqf. The qard al-hasan is a legitimate, even recommended method of providing finance in Islam. It appears possible to implement this method in the waqf system. However, for this to be implemented, the legitimacy of this type of waqf and the risks it may encounter need to be addressed theoretically. In this context, the qard al-hasan institution is examined in the first part of this study in terms of concept and legitimacy in the Sharia. Afterwards, the kinds of goods that are appropriate to this type of waqf and its applicability are considered. Finally, the risks that this waqf may encounter once established and their possible solutions are discussed.