An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at identifying the effect of two developed units of the geography textbook for the 10th grade on students' acquisition of critical thinking skills in the light of the geographical inquiry approach. The semi- experimental approach was used to achieve the aim of current study. The sample of the study consisted of (88) female students from the Um Habbiya Secondary School for Girls, a public school in the Ministry of Education in Jordan. They were randomly assigned into two groups: an experimental group (45) students and controlled (43) students. To achieve the aim of the study, two units were developed and critical thinking skills test was prepared and researcher verified its validity and reliability. To answer the study questions, the means, standard deviations and ANCOVA were used to examine the significance of statistical differences and Eta Square to examine the effect of the experimental variable. The results showed statistically significant differences at the level of statistical significance (α = 0.05) in favor of the experimental group that received the developed units in the light of the geographical inquiry approach compared to the traditional ones. Based upon the findings, the study concludes by offering a number of recommendations.