An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The purpose of this study was to construct norms ofBody Composition (PC) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) amongst the fourth basic gradesin governmental schools in Palestine. Furthermore,it aims to determine the differences in PC,RMR, Body Mass Index (BMI),and Body Surface Area (BSA) according to the class and gender variables.Lastly,it also targets to determine the contribution of BMI in predicting Fat Percent (% Fat) and RMR. The sample consisted of 2200 male and female students from 11 educational governoratesin West-Bank. Tanita DC-360Bioelectrical impedance analyzer (BIA) was used to determine PC, WHO equation to determine RMRand BMI equationwere used for variable measurement. The results revealed that the means of Height (Ht), Body Mass(BM),Lean Body Mass (LBM), % Fat, BodyWater Mass (BWM), (BMI), BSAand RMR for male were respectively:(126.38 cm, 26.99 kg, 20.50 kg, 18.38%, 15.92 kg, 16.67 kg/m2, 0.97 m2, and 1107.22 kcal/day), and for female were respectively: (125.25 cm,26.48 kg, 19.61 kg, 20.60%, 15.15 kg, 16.65 kg/m2, 0.95 m2 and 1092.22 kcal/day).Furthermore, the results indicated significant differences in all variables between male and female in favor of male except the % Fat in favor of female, and according to the class in all variables except the % Fatin favor of the higher one. Also, the results contribute in developing four modelsfor the prediction of % Fat and RMR, using BMI as independent variable, the modelswere as follow:Male:(%BF) = (-11.795) + ((BMI)×(1.810)). (R2 =0.804).(RMR) kcal/day = (266.487) + ((BMI)×(716.466)). (R2 =0.766).Female:(%BF) = (-15.413) + ((BMI)×(2.163)). (R2 =0.873).(RMR) kcal/day = (257.375) + ((BMI)×(50.126)). (R2 =0.741).Based on the findings of the study the researchers recommended using the norms as benchmarksto monitordevelopment, nutrition, obesity and health among students.