An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at building a professional future anxiety scale for visually impaired teenagers and exploring its psychometric characteristics. Thus, an initial overview of the scale was composed of (54) items divided into three dimensions based on Likert’s five-scale model: reasoning dimension, psychological dimension, and physical dimension. After adapting the scale to Braille, it was administered to (26) visually disabled participants of both genders in the School for Visually Disabled Children in Biskra City, Algeria. Based on statistical processing via the use of the SPSS software V 22, our results showed that the scale in its final form was composed of (44) items, distributed into three main dimensions and characterized by having appropriate psychometric characteristics. Therefore, this scale was recommended for its suitability of measuring the professional future anxiety on a large sample of teenagers in Algeria and other Arab environments. The study also recommended the adoption of this scale as a diagnostic tool for both finding the level of professional future anxiety in light of a number of variables and proposing guiding interventions that contribute to the reduction of the level of future professional anxiety.