An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The aim of this study is to know the prophetic methods that limit unemployment among young people. It follows the descriptive analytic method.This study has many outcomes. One of these outcomes is that the unemployment among young people problem is considered a major factor in the social crisis. It is the most dangerous crisis itself. Unemployment is the main problem for young people; it has many bad effects on young people's psychological and physical health. It does not only affect them;it affects the whole society. It can also affect their countries by causing economicdepression, social problems, and political crisis. Therefore, all the countries, from all different backgrounds and cultures, are trying to solve this problem. They have tried all the possible methods to solve the problem of unemployment. The western countries' methods are based on financial bases but they did not find a radicalsolution. They have also adopted quick automatic solutions; like reducing taxes, encouraging export, making public companies go private, and asking people not to have many children.The prophetic method has solved this problem according to individuals or to groups. It has been realistic and positive while addressing the problem. It avoided giving false speeches and blaming others because this will only make the problem worse. It focused on the young people's belief and on their psychological health to fix them from inside and to encourage them to be productive. The prophetic method also focused on work. It considers it an honor no matter what kind of work it is, as long as it is not forbidden. It encourages the young people to worship Allah and to do all what He asks them to do, like giving money to the poor which will help these poor peopleand might reduce unemployment.The prophetic method encourages people to do charity or giving loans to people without any profits. It fought the negative things that make the problem worse, like begging for money. It also forbids taking interests and monopoly.