An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The objective of this study was to construct a test in mathematics (the integration unit) for the second secondary (science stream). The theory of response to the paragraph (the double parameter model), where the achievement test consisted of (40) paragraphs of the multiple choice type with four alternatives, thenumber of (679) students from the second secondary education in the secondary government schools belonging to the MafraqDirectorate in the second semester of the academic year 2017/2018.The results were analyzed using BILOG-MG3, where the results of the analysis showed that there wasno match betweenthe (5) paragraphs in the used model. The value of the empirical stability coefficient was (0.82). The model assumptions used in response to the paragraph were also verified: unidimensional; using two indicators: TheTanaka's Index and the square root index of the Root Mean Square of Residuals (RMSR). The Local Independence hypothesis was verified using the(ZQ3)indicator using the Local Dependence Indications for Dichotomous Items (LDID) program. The researcher recommended that the Ministry of Education establish a bank that includes such standardized tests and apply them through schools. The test should be used by the teachers and the mathematics teachers and by the researchers. The psychometric characteristics of the test should be used and the methodology used to construct the test should be used to construct tests for other courses and to confirm their psychometric characteristics.