An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The Iconic mark has several presentation in our current life, so, the photo in its technical semantic perspective has sequential and intersecting indications to produce the meaning, each of which interprets a series of interrelated symbolic fields; to form the semantic patterns in our daily social, cultural and political life, and reveals the hidden complex pragmatic dimensions which is transmitted by the openness of modern technical non regulated in the characteristics of the dynamic communication in its various forms; while now, the image, drawing, publicity, color, sound, scene, and body gestures are more used than verbal communication; this is in line with the age of technology and speed. The image also penetrates the virtual reality and is presented in a new model and pattern; its work is functional and formal, it does so as a legal value; it no longer has real value for use and circulation; perhaps it erases the most genuine part of the original photo signals which wasn't manipulated by hands; but it turned to establish a single perfect virtual artificial photo that lacks the touching expression, specialization and difference. The eloquence of the visual communication is aimed to explain how the rhetorical systems operates on the iconic and formal form from a semantic perspective and then benefit from the linguistic rhetoric that examines the displacement of the picture, depending on the perceived cognitive and visual levels, in an attempt to question what doesn't utter to illustrate the effect of visual reality photos on those who are able to talk