An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study dealt with the crimes resulting from the illegal use of pesticides in Palestine. The Palestinian legislator regulated the use of pesticides in the agricultural sector through several legislations, most notably the Agriculture Law and the Consumer Protection Law, in addition to the Public Health Law and the regulations issued by the Council of Ministers. The legal procedures related to the manufacture and registration of pesticides, as well as the controls of their use, and the penalties for violating these legal provisions, especially in the case of the circulation of food contaminated with pesticides resulting from the illegal use of this pesticide , Such legislation has been keen to take many preventive measures to reduce the risk of these pesticides on human health and the environment so that the provider is committed to the consumer shows how to use pesticides clearly. The Palestinian legislator banned the importation of any pesticides unless they were licensed for use in agriculture in developed countries such as the United States and the World Health Organization. The crime of violating the conditions related to the use of pesticides is one of the forms of crimes resulting from the illegal use of pesticides, in addition to the crimes that result from harm to consumers as a result of the use of pesticides. In addition, the legislator has enacted a number of regulations for the manufacture and circulation of pesticides for the public health and safety of the environment. This legislation has criminalized many acts related to the misuse of pesticides, which may harm the health and safety of consumers. And not commensurate with the magnitude of the damage that these pesticides may cause as a result of illegal use.