An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research aims at studying the complicated nature of the identity crisis suffered by the second generation of Palestinian Americans. This goal has been further explored by referring to different theoretical perspectives and conceptual paradigms to understand and analyze this topic under investigation. Many models and approaches have been used to reflect on the experiences of the Palestinians living in the US as Diasporic communities, facing the hardships of refugeedom and the pain of Return dream to the homeland. Both researchers attempted to rationalize the usage of these western related theories to fit the Palestinian context by matching them with a set of other literary studies, resources and oral interviews with the second generation of the US-born Palestinian Americans. Methodologically, the current research is qualitative, descriptive and of analytical nature, benefiting from primary and secondary data available in various research areas. The two researchers conducted field interviews with the second generation of Palestinian – Americans that revealed that all these factors including occupation, seeking refuge, American democracy, the American press and stereotyping created an identity crisis to those Palestinians. However, that crisis can be solved in the long run if a real political transformation took place on real ground at the level of the American – Palestinian relations and at the level of the relationship between Arabs and Israelis in the new Middle East.