An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Comparative legislation has concerned itself with an insurance mortgage contract, as one of the insurance contracts, which is important for developing confidence in the soul of the creditor, and it is created according to him in-kind right of dependence on a property owned by the debtor, which authorizes him to collect his debts from the price of this property after it is sold by public auction, ahead of other ordinary creditors, If the debtor is indebted with debt, but in the West Bank, the regulation of this contract is subject to the Law of the Status of Immovable Money in Insurance No. (46) for the year 1953 in effect since the Jordanian era, while many amendments were made to it in Jordan over the previous years. In practical problems T-facing implementation support to secure the debt regulator based on the insurance contract for the land registration Department, the study concluded the number of results and recommendations, the most important of which is the failure of Law No. 46 of 1953 to address many Among the problems related to the debt insurance bond and its implementation, whether from the authority overseeing its implementation, or the implications of its implementation for both parties and others.