An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to identify the level of which the educational needs of academically superior university students were met in college of education at Jazan University during the emergency full shift to distance education in response to the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19). To achieve this aim, the descriptive method was used by designing a questionnaire and distributing it to a sample of academically superior students according to the Grade Point Average (male and female students who have a GPA higher than 4.5) to obtain their views on the extent to which some of the recommended practices in meeting educational needs have been achieved in a such emergency situation represented by the spread of the Coronavirus. The results of the study showed overall that the practices of meeting educational needs were at a moderate level (73%), with a statistically significant difference at the level of 0.05 between male and female students in estimating the level such practices demonstrated for meeting their educational needs, as well as, differences with a statistical significance also were found among the academic departments. The Department of Special Education and the Department of Kindergarten appeared at a higher level in meeting educational needs according to students’ views, the study sample, compared to the Physical Education and the Department of Art Education. Accordingly, implications were discussed, conclusions were drawn, and suggestions were presented for future plans to improve practices and ensure the efficiency of teaching and evaluation in similar emergency situations.