An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to define and analyze patterns of the current land use in the city of Beit Lahia, the percentage occupied by each use, the extent of their conformity with the planning standards, and the detection of factors directed to land use, The study used the functional, analytical, descriptive, and historical methodology, The study addressed the first topic of Study methodology, then the second topic of population and their geographical, and the third topic included the factors that target the use of the land, the last topic reviewed the uses of land and identity The functionality of the city, and at the end of the research came the results and recommendations. It was found that population is growing at a high rate, with the population doubling about (25( times in an estimated period of (50) years, which affected the pattern of use the land, and it turns out that the used area constitutes about 85.8% of the total area. The rest is empty land and area suitable for future construction and expansion equal to 14.2%. Also, it appears that the patterns of land use in the city are not in conformity with the planning standards except for agricultural and space use. It was also possible to reach the functional structure of the city so that it falls within the services function as 57% of the total workers work in services. The study also recommended the necessity of setting local planning standards for land uses that take into account scientific and practical dimensions.