An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to investigate the efficacy of a counseling supervision Program in improving Self-Compassion among Trainees counselors at Yarmouk University. The sample of this study consists of (30) trainees from Psychological Counseling students at Yarmouk University. The participants are randomly assigned into two groups: experimental group included (15) trainees and a control group included (15) trainees, who did not receive a supervision program. The scale of Self-Compassion is administered to both groups as pre-test and post-test. Follow up measure taken after four Weeks of intervention for the experimental group only. The results of the study show significant differences between the two groups regarding the level of Self-Compassion in favor of the experimental group. The results also show that there are no significant statistical differences on the total score of the Self-Compassion scale and its dimensions between the post-test and the follow-up measurement.