An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This paper introduces an in-depth view of the contribution of German researchers in the field of information and communication science on one of the main professional and ethical principles the "objectivity". German researchers have laid down specific pillars of what they call "professional objectivity" such as: relevance to reality and integrity to be the basis on which rest the criteria of objectivity of correctness, completeness, accuracy, importance, neutrality, balance and independence. The Germans have developed ways to test each of these concepts to measure the compliance of the communicator with these professional and ethical principles. This paper adds certain empirical testing methods that German researchers have not previously addressed to develop the normative pillars of professional objectivity to make them more effective. This paper also provides live examples from the real Arab media on most of these criteria to make it even clearer to the Arab researcher in the field of media and communication science.