An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study attempts to complement the lack of standards and criteria of professionalism set forth by the Germans Schatz & Schulz in 1992. They are new standards for the objectivity of the news photo and its relationship with the media text, whether at the level of the directing body of the television news bulletin or at the level of news reports and their photos in particular. We called it "structural objectivity", which means, here, the objective and professional standards that are supposed to ensure that the real-world image and its news information are reproduced in media content in a way that is relevant to reality without distortion, exaggeration, manipulation or temptation. These standards have been developed by studying a range of Arab and foreign news and news reports. The study presents a good set of examples derived from media reality that illustrate these standards in text and photo. The study showed the possibility of applying the criteria of structural objectivity in the news bulletin at different levels like the level of news presentation, interview, report, and the relationship between the text and the photo, as well as the content level of the news photo and how it is built.