An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This paper discusses the philosophical dialectics of the American philosopher Ayn Rand and the Egyptian thinker Abdul Wahab al-Massiri of one of the media philosophical styles being one of the professional and ethical principles namely Rand "Objectivity", "photographic, informatic, passive and mimical", (as described by the Messiri) in contrast to the objectivity of Al Messiri, which is called the "operative or Explanatory objectivity" in view of recognizing the components and advantages of each of these two objectivities and the vision of each thinker. This paper also seeks to discover the role of each objectivity in restructuring everyday life in the media and extent of relevance by applying the criteria of each on certain live examples in the TV news casts. upon applying this critical comparison on some forms of news casts, it was concluded that both photographic objectivity and operative objectivity are invalid for the media work.