An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Modern Arabic poetry is imbued with patriotism and many of the Arab poets have become famous because of their patriotic poetry, among those we can mention the Iraqi poets. It is an important and necessary initiative to include patriotic poetry in Iraqi textbooks due to its political and social conditions towards uniting the youngsters of the country under the umbrella of brotherhood, love and equality. Patriotic tenets are part of the training tenets that conduct the training process and it should be taken into account in children literature and also in school textbooks. This is why we chose this subject. The study is based on the reading and studying books, and the literature and texts because they got poems that came to be learned and memorized and explained during the three school phases in Iraq: the primary school the middle school and the high school. 31 poems from the total 187 got patriotic points in three phases which means 57.16% of the total poems. The use of patriotic poems is mostly seen in primary and middle school and rarely in high school. Patriotic tenets were varying and included the love of the country, praising the country, sacrificing for it, co-working, and praying for its goodness and protectiveness and strength. Also, the patriotic poems in school textbooks included patriotic symbols such as geography and history and first-person pronoun and connection "Ya", and the people and the nation and the homeland and the country, the flag, and the national anthem etc.