An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to find out "The Extent of the National Interactive Curriculum Contributes to Health Awareness Concepts Development among Publich Kindergarten Children from Female Teachers Perspective in of Zarqa Governorate”. The study used descriptive approach. The study population consisted of (185) kindergarten teachers in Zarqa Governorate, and the study sample consisted of the (154) female teachers who were randomly selected. We built a questionnaire, and it consisted of (58) paragraphs representing the concepts of health awareness in three areas, namely: (Personal, Physical, Food, and Environmental) .The results of the study showed after statistical analyzes that all areas of health awareness concepts came with an average degree, and showed personal and physical awareness came at a high degree, while other areas came with an average degree, and according to different averages: food awareness came first, and environmental awareness camenext, and showed that there are no statistically significant differences according to variables: (educational qualification, years of experience), and in each of the areas of health awareness concepts and in the areas combined.The study recommended developing the interactive national curriculum and enhancing it with activities aimed at educating the child about the right health concepts.