An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The main objective of this research is to study the intellectual and political aspects of Abdulhamid Sharaf’s life, and to monitor the intellectual and political controversy in it. The preparation of this research depends on his lectures to the public, articles, interviews and press conferences, and a number of political documents relating to his biography, as well as the testimonies given by his colleagues during his study, or during his diplomatic or political career, were all important sources of this study, and it also benefited on his own papers his family has. This study highlighting the genesis and forming of Abdulhamid Sharaf, monitoring factors influencing his personality formulation, and analyzing the motives behind his belief, or political positions. This research focused on the controversy of thought and politics in the life of Abdulhamid Sharaf, through several topics: Jordanian issues and affairs, the Palestinian issue, Arab issues and affairs.