An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to identify the actual partnership level between the Jordanian public universities and the industrial sector. To achieve this objective, a sequential exploratory design was used: First, a qualitative exploratory study included in-depth interviews with both higher education and industry experts were conducted. The outcomes of these interviews were used to develop two questionnaires. Second: The study sample consists of administrative academics and executive directors of the public universities and industrial companies under investigation. Findings show that, academics and industrialists differently evaluate the level of partnership. Mani factors that affect this partnership are level of interest and confidence, communication channels, organizational structure, corporate characteristics, incentive system, level of conflict, and previous experiences. Most forms of partnership were limited to training, participation in joint-conferences and workshops, and developing entrepreneurial ideas. Moreover, the limited expenditure on scientific research, high bureaucracy, cultural differences, and conflicts of goals, have negative impact over the level of partnership. Finally, several recommendations have been suggested.