An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study examines the postmodern philosophy and its reflection on the visual arts in order to reach its different, various, contradictory and shocking shapes and expressions in many cases, the study found that it's a reflection for the development that happened through the formation of human though, the postmodern philosophy defined the art out comes and its manners, and whereas the postmodern community is not real, the postmodern arts are expression for negativity and nonexistence. As well, it is an expression of domination will and power therein, therefore, the art forming was in postmodern phase as radical-criticism for the community, and a criticism for rational and self-modernity, in addition that it's a method to detect the power of production forces and its contradiction which hidden behind modern technologies and ideologist, and this what artist have undermined through liberating him from Illusions of the cultural industry. This study aimed to expose the postmodern philosophy in order to resolve the problems which concerned in understanding art and its philosophical references, and a problematic as such important as this, it was necessary to examine it and define it methodically.