An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The current study aims to analyzing spatial variation of public hospitals and medical centers in Greater, Irbid and assessing their services in dependence on the data issued by the Directorate of Irbid Health. The study uses ratios and frequencies to clarify the spatial variation of medical services. It also uses cartography analysis (Mean Center, Central Feature, Standard Distance, Directional Distribution, Average Nearest Neighbor) to identify the pattern of distribution. To assess the quality of medical services in the hospitals and medical centers included in the study area, the standards of WHO have been used. The study concludes that there is a spatial variation among the medical services provided by public hospitals and medical centers. This is because some of them witnesse high pressure on healthcare, Furthermore, the study indicates that the geographical distribution of hospitals has a clustered pattern, whereas the primary and comprehensive medical centers have a random pattern. Ultimately, the study shows that there is a lack of health staff that should be increase.