An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The research deals with the full text of a hadith of Barira from the books of the Sunnah, with mentioning the rulings on hadiths that are not in Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim, and defining the character of Barira, may God be pleased with her, after this, the researcher added what he found important for the explanation and linked it to reality, which is not found in the explanation books in general. The researcher benefited from it, added to it, knew the origin and owner of the words, obtained from this many sayings, and then renewed them as much as he could. The researcher did not focus on the jurisprudential meanings found in the books of explanations of the Sunnah, but he focused on comments, additions, and corrections. The hadith was distinguished by presenting its issues into linguistic and jurisprudence and general benefits; To facilitate the review process and respond to conclusions on the evidence. The research found that one of the most important benefits of the complete text of the hadith is that it shows the story of the hadith and all that is related to it, solves the problem, shows the meanings and jurisprudence, Barira is one of the companions and the Abyssinians, and she is the one who was asked by the Prophet in the Ifk incident. He recommended expanding on all the topics of Barira’s hadith and linking them to reality and psychoanalysis. To be in a complete book.