An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




This study examines the aspects of the conceptual relationship between Edward Said and French theory. The study argues that this relationship is divergent to the difference between the premises upon which Said's thought is based, and the premises upon which the French theory is based. Thus, the study corrects the interpretation of Edward Said in the Arab context, which has been linked with French theory and the ideas of Michel Foucault in particular. From here, the study seeks to clarify Said's position on French theory and structuralism. Then it aims to describe the terms in which Said operates as terms that define the concept of humanism. Finally, the study presents democratic criticism as a humanistic resistance project, linking the aesthetic of literature with the problems of culture, politics and resistance. The study reveals that Edward Said's reliance sometimes on the French theory does not mean that he adopted it at all, as he recorded his successive criticism of it out of his humanism.