An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




The study discusses the methods of demand construction in Ibn Mujber AL-Andalusi's poetry, and aimed to monitor what he used from it, to highlight its rhetorical connotations, to link it to the semantics and meanings of the texts, and to show the extent of its consistency with them, and to show their role in the building of texts objectively and artistically,Through an applied procedural study, it is based on analyzing and linking each method and its context, and not just monitoring it, using descriptive method integrated with the artistic curriculum; For their role in highlighting the functions of these methods in representing meanings, and imparting artistic values to the texts that give them poetic stemming from their ability to interpret, which leads to a multiplicity of connotations, which gives the texts movement and dynamism. The need for specialized researchers to study such linguistic and rhetorical methods and others in the poetry of some poets of Andalusia, about whom there have been few studies, and about their creativity.