An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)




This study aims to sightsee students' perceptions of how online lectures should be through exploring factors that increase students' motivation to attend live zoom classes. A quantitative approach was used to achieve the purpose of the study. The data was collected through an electronic questionnaire using Google forms to explore students' attitudes and perspectives on influencing their attendance to online learning sessions. Five hundred eighty-five participants (154 males and 431 females) in the study made the decision to answer the questionnaire electronically via Google Drive. The study participants were undergraduate students from two universities located north of the West Bank-Palestine. The findings revealed various factors, which may affect students' motivation to attend online lectures. These factors are; instructional and pedagogical practices, synchronous classroom management, technology characteristics, and continuity to attend online classes. Further research is recommended to validate the tool researchers found to build a model describing the relationship among these factors and predict the learners' motivation.