An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The violations of regulatory rules, martial and religious laws, and social mores were among the reasons that led to the spread of various social phenomena. The latter contributed to social communication disorder and created immense abysses within societies such as immorality, violence and delinquency. Based on the explanatory theories of criminology or criminal sociology, the stigma of deviance was classified as a psychosocial disorder that the stigmatized suffers from, which had been confirmed by various researches starting from 1930s till 1950s. However, sociologists and experts in historical anthropology surpassed the concepts of linguistic terms, which were chiefly investigated by psychologists, to examine the features of stigmatization from a scientific perspective. Through the discussion of stigmatization, this research examines the key implications of stigma in relation not only to individuals but also to communities. It also investigates the reasons that lead some sectors of society to renounce and marginalize the stigmatized individual despite his efforts to go out the indictment division that crippled him and to reintegrate within his society.