An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The main aim of this present research paper is to document the inscription of hexagon star on the coins used in Umayyad period after the Arabizing the coins in 77H/696A.D., which ware follis made from copper, and to prove that hexagon star was an Islamic ornamentation element since the Umayyad era. It was a symbol of the mint or the team of a mint. This study was based on descriptive, documentary, statistical and historical analysis of Umayyad coins with hexagon star, mentioned in references, web sites, and Ashmolean Museum in Britain. The researcher found many results, such as that Umayyad governors deal with hexagon star as ornamentation element since that early time, and that element struck just on copper arabizing coins. The study recommended encouraging researchers to do further studies about hexagon star on Islamic coins.