An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Study aimed to reveal psychological security and its relationship to psychological loneliness of widows and divorced, according to variables (housing pattern, work, age). To achieve study objectives, scale developed to measure psychological security and psychological lonelines, study sample consisted (300) widows (200) divorced, who chosen by available method. Study results showed: there are differences on psychological security scale due to work variable (for widows, divorced), in favor of working women, and differences due to housing patterns, in favor of widows with independent housing. results showed: there were differences on psychological loneliness scale due to work variable, in favor of non-working (widows, divorced women), and differences due to age variable of widows woman, in favor of same age group (25-44). And there is inverse relationship between psychological security and psychological loneliness. study recommended preparing more educational programs to alleviate psychological loneliness.