An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to apply the Universal Erosion Model (RUSLE) on Wadi Rajeb Basin in order to estimate the susceptibility of soil to erosion. The research follows the analytical method for different data to represent the variables that have been dealt with in (GIS), such as: Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Data of soil properties, sentinel-2 image, etc. The study shows that the basin is subjected to erosion in varying levels. It also shows that 21% of the basin is highly exposed to soil erosion (572 ton/ha/year), and 34% of it is a moderate risk level for erosion (124-213 ton/ha/year), and the remaining areas (45% of the basin) appear to be at low risk (<0.24 ton/ha/year). The study recommends on the importance of providing techniques and methods to save the soil stabilization in the basin, especially in areas prone to erosion.