An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The aim of this study is to measure and evaluate the easier accessibility between public transport complexes and archeological sites in the Greater Irbid Municipality, to define the nature and connection between the spatial distribution of complexes and ancient archeological sites, to determine their suitability with an intention to find options and ideas for improving their efficacy in order to serve as many residents as possible in the area to access these areas with minimum effort, cost and time and the extent to which these complexes have been covered to access these historical sites. In this research, network analysis of geographic information systems (GIS) was used to calculate the time of arrival and to assess the relationship between antiquities sites and the major public transit stations in the Greater Irbid Municipality. The analysis found that the majority of the surveyed sites in the area are beyond the public transport area and therefore they are impossible to access. The number of areas covered by public transit reached 40% of the overall area of Irbid Municipality. The results also found that the spatial distribution of public transport facilities in the city was random and inconsistent.