An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The current study, entitled “The mental image…sources, dimensions and the role of public relations in developing it under the digital revolution (Jordanian ministries as a model)”, sought to identify the nature of the mental image of Jordanian ministries in term of their formation sources, forming factors, dimensions and the role of public relations and their contribution in developing this image among publics of the ministries in light of the data and tools of the digital revolution. To obtain the field information and data of the study, the questionnaire tool was designed which was applied to (404) subjects of the Jordanian society that deal with the Jordanian ministries throughout the digitization tools who were selected by the random sample. The study concluded with a group of results, the most important of which are the internet formed the first source of the mental image formation sources, then a group of social factors came in the first rank among the ones that affect the level of the mental image, followed by the organizational factors then the personal ones. With regard to the dimensions that form the mental image throughout the digital tools, all of these dimensions were influential with a high degree in developing the mental image, but the behavioral dimension was in the forefront, followed by (the cognitive dimension the affective one). The study also concluded that the level of the mental image of the Jordanian ministries was high due to the effort of public relations in investing the digital tools in introducing their activities, which leads to recommend the necessity of continuing to activate the outcome of digitization and its products, which will be reflected in the communication and media work in Jordanian ministries to develop the mental image and to progress it.