An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study centered on the rule of the Islamic Sharia in the disbursement of alms giving income to the building of mosques and schools. The problem of this study stems from the point view of Islamic law, which has set alms giving in only eight categories. Moreover, if it said that alms giving is permissible in all public interest, it will cancel the benefit of determining of these alms of giving. There are disquieting questions such as: What if people fail to volunteer in mosques and schools? This study came to achieve a set of objectives, such as: The most correct view of the opinion of the jurisprudent scholars in this matter, studying the legitimate alternatives granted to such interests, and finally searching for the meaning of the type of jihad and the types of Mujahedeen who are more deserving of alms giving. Keywords: Building mosques with alms giving funds, paying alms giving in building schools, allocation "for Allah's sake".