An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research aims to examine the concept of contravention as one of the studies of the fundamentals of jurisprudence (Islamic Fiqh) related to the denotative meaning of expressions, and to present the different viewpoints on the issue under investigation and the weighting between them as well. The researchers opted for dropping their theoretical study on the two holy Quranic verses of Repentance 80 (al –tawbah), and the Rooms: 6 (Al-hujurat), as an applied study on the subject. The two researchers followed the descriptive approach, and divided their study into three parts. The first talks about the concept of contravention, its types and conditions; the second and the third come in application of the two selected verses. The researchers accordingly concluded that the concept of contravention is more likely to be adopted according to its terms and conditions, with the concept of not being applicable to the two verses under study.