An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to identify the reasons for the reluctance of students of the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Bahrain to practice arbitration in sports competitions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The researcher used the descriptive approach in its survey form and chose the study sample in a random way. The study sample consisted of (144) male and female students from the College of Physical Education. The questionnaire was used as a data collection tool, as the questionnaire included four axes regarding the reasons for abstinence (psychological, social, economic, and academic). The results showed that the most severe reasons for the reluctance of the College of Physical Education at the University of Bahrain to practice sports arbitration were represented in the axis. The psychological field ranked first, then the economic field, then the academic field, and finally came the social field and all were with a medium degree. There were statistically significant differences (α ≤ 0.05) due to the effect of gender in all axes except for the psychological field, and the differences came in favor of males. The study recommended: Working on holding lectures, seminars, and courses to guide male and female students and encouraging them towards refereeing sports tournaments and competitions. As well as working to form a joint internal committee between the College of Physical Education, University of Bahrain and the sports federations to benefit from and develop new referees.