An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research studies an issue in which Sharia scholars differed in the past, while was not of interest to scholars recently, namely: Does the last part of the human coccyx bone (apex) dissolve? Some hadith mentioned that the apex wears out, which was the reason for the divergence of the opinions of scholars in answer to this question over time. As far as informed, the researcher did not find a schooler who singled out this issue in any scientific research. The difficulty of answering this question may lie in the inability to conduct empirical research on this part, in addition to the lack of measurement of the size of the coccyx as well as the last part of it. So, the researcher's role lies in attempting to apply the opinions of Sharia scholars to the reality of modern science, and the combination of different opinions. Also, the attempt to determine the nature of the apex in terms of its location and size. The researcher concluded that the apex does not wear out under natural conditions, while it may wear out under experimental laboratory conditions.