An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aim was to identify the level of the Angiotensin 2, Aldosterone hormones and some mineral salts (such as Sodium and potassium) among cross country race players before and after the effort. The researcher used the experimental method which is suited with the study nature. The sample contained 6 players of cross-country race team in the Directorate of Education for Al-Koura District, blood samples were drawn from the players before and after the effort that they excerted in the cross-country race players. After processing the data statistically, it was found that the physical exerted effort positively contributed to raising the level of Angiotensin 2 and Aldosterone hormones in the blood, in addition to the percentage of sodium which is affected too, it showed a clear decrease in its level after the effort. On the other hand, the level of potassium in the blood was not affected after the effort. The most important recommendations were that it should be emphasis on eating an appropriate number of mineral salts, including (sodium, potassium) before performing the physical exertion to avoid dehydration, muscle strain, and lack of focus during their physical exertion, and emphasizing the necessity of compensating the lost chemical minerals during the physical exertion, including the physical and physiological importance.